Adopting from us


The fact you're looking at this page will hopefully mean you're considering adopting a cat from us.


We try to make the whole adoption process as quick and simple as possible. Adopting a rescue cat isn't a difficult decision to make, but finding the right cat for you is vital. As any cat owner will know, not all cats are the same, and sometimes just ticking all the boxes isn't enough. Understanding you, your lifestyle, what you expect from a cat and what you can give a cat is vital to ensuring that both you and your cat will spend many happy years together. 


Please take a look at our adoption process and take the time to think about what you're looking for and what you need to consider before offering a home.


Take a look at out cats ready for homing. Running a rescue there are just never enough hours in the day, we do out utmost to keep our website up to date, but sometimes  we just run out of time. If you can't see a cat that you're interested in, please complete the enquiry form on the adoption page or email us at we might have cats available that we haven't yet entered onto our adoption page.

Before you consider adoption please consider the long term responsibilities of pet ownership. The financial commitment, your personal, family & home circumstances should all be taken into consideration before adopting any pet. 

Whilst we want to rehome our cats as quickly as possible, its important to get it right. Rescue cats have been through a lot of stress already, so we want to ensure we find the perfect match, for them and you. 

We believe our adoption process is carried out in a way that's best for our cats and done in such a way to enable us to find the most appropriate home for each animal. Some of our rescued cats might never have known a loving home, and some may have had bad experiences of humans; others may be sad to be apart from their owners and are broken-hearted.


We believe cats chose their owners, so firstly we'd like to have a good old fashioned chat with you on the phone. We’d like to know more about you, Do you work? Whether you have other pets, Where you live, Have yo owned cats before? Do you have young children? There are no right or wrong answers. The more we know about you the better we can suggest the cat that's right for you. If we think there’s suitable match, we’ll then arrange for you to meet the cat or cats. 


Once you've met, if you and the cat are happy we'll arrange a home visit, just to confirm everything, rest assured we're not Checking on your domestic skills, its to enable us to get a better understanding of you and your lifestyle



In addition, they all come with 5 weeks free insurance through Agria Pet Insurance, no matter what their age.

The cost of care and treatment for each animal varies enormously. For this reason we don't charge an adoption fee. Instead we ask for a minimum donation, this is a contribution to help us continue our work with cats, it is NOT a contribution towards your cats treatment. 

PLEASE NOTE due to increased costs we have no option but to suggest an increase in donations. From 1st Nov our suggested donations will be £80 per cat and £105 per kitten.


We do hope this won't put you off adopting from us and helping to put an end to the trade and profit in "breeding" animals 

If you are considering adopting one of our rescued cats/kittens please download & complete the pre-adoption form below and give us a call on 07504 129955 or 01373 830972 or email us at