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The Adoption Process - responsible rehoming

Please note due to increased costs we have no option but to increase our suggested donations.

From 1st January 2023 the suggested donations are £125 per cat and £175 per kitten.


Please, before you consider adoption, consider the long-term responsibilities of pet ownership. The financial commitment, your personal, family and home circumstances should all be taken into consideration before adopting any pet. 


We aim to keep the process simple and straightforward. The cats that are advertised are ready now; if you're going away on holiday or having building work done in the near future, please wait until you are ready to adopt; we cannot reserve cats for long periods of time.

Which Cat?

We take the time to get to know our cats, and its important to get the right match. Like people, cats are unique & every one of our adoptions is handled on an individual basis. Take a look at the cats & kittens for adoption page, and complete our enquiry form, indicating if you are interested in a particular cat . We do try to keep the website up to date, but we are very busy, and can't guarantee your preferred cat will still be available. But we have lots of cats admitted, a lot of which are adopted before even getting advertised, so even if you don't see a cat that takes your fancy, please still get in touch.  

 The following information will help us match the right cat to you. 

·        Do you work ?

·        Have you got other pets?

·        Where do you live?

·        Have you owned cats before?

·        Do you have young children?

If you have a particular cat in mind let us know and we'll discuss their suitability to you.

There are no right or wrong answers. We just need to know about you, so we can suggest the cat that's right for you.

If we think there’s suitable match, we’ll then arrange for you to meet the cat or (cats).

Putting Cats First

​As we know, cats choose their owners, once we agree which cat (or cats) might be suitable, its important to meet your preferred cat, either at the rescue or with one of our fosterers.  Once you've met, if you (and more importantly the cat), are happy we'll arrange a home visit, either in person or virtually. Rest assured we're not checking on your domestic skills, it's to enable us to get a better understanding of you and your lifestyle.


What you should expect

As a responsible charity, we want to give our rescues the the best start in their new homes, all our cats are health checked on admission and treated for parasites . Any required surgery or treatment is carried out prior to adoption, except in extenuating circumstances. Prior to adoption every adult cat is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. If kittens are considered too young for neutering, a voucher will be issued to cover the cost of neutering at one of our preferred veterinary practices.  Importantly no matter what their all cats and kittens have five weeks free insurance, provided by Agria Pet Insurance. 

The cost of care and treatment for each animal varies enormously. For this reason, we don't charge an adoption fee. Instead, we ask for a minimum donation. This is a donation to help us continue our work with cats, it is not a contribution towards your cat's treatment. 

Get in touch

We don't have a central call centre answering our calls, we believe its good to talk. So if you're considering adopting one of our rescued cats or kittens, please feel free to pick up the phone and give us a call on 07504 129955 or if you'd prefer you can still email us at

Please note we are busy, so we might not be able to talk straight away, but rest assured, leave us a message, we will call back.

Whether you decide to adopt from us or another rescue,


By adopting from a registered charity, you are not only helping an animal that needs it, you are helping to break the cycle of breeders making money from animals.


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