Can you give a cat a temporary home?

There are lots of reasons domestic cats need to be rehomed, perhaps the owners have died or gone into care or domestic arrangements have changed and the cat can no longer be cared for, whatever the reason these cats wouldn't do well in outside pens and need to go into foster care.


All to often the reality is that for some of these cats the ONLY other alternative, is for them to be put to sleep or to be abandoned and left to fend for themselves. 


Becoming a Feline Fosterer is one of the most fulfilling ways to volunteer with us and also one of the hardest. It takes a very special individual to foster a cat, you grow attached to them, they share your life and your home and just when they're getting settled its time to say goodbye........ and then we ask you to do it all over again. 


Those who do foster find the arrangement works well, they get all the fabulous benefits without the cost or hardship. We supply all the training and support, we pay all the bills and provide all the food, litter toys etc, you just supply the TLC.  


We're very careful to only place cats with indoor fosterers that are suitable for a domestic situation. 


If you think you've got what it takes to be a Feline Fosterer, please get in touch, we're always desperately looking out for special people who can give lots of TLC to our rescues, whilst we find them their forever homes.

And don't forget, by fostering with us you'll become part of something special, a local independent charity, run entirely by animal loving volunteers.