Insurance is an important part of responsible pet ownership. Which is why it's important to us to be able to provide this to our adopters.


We researched the pet insurance market and like most insurance products were mostly left baffled & bewildered. However, there was one company that stood out for all the right reasons and ticked all the boxes for us. We're therefore delighted to be an Agria partner and to be able to provide 5 weeks FREE insurance with all all our adoptions, no matter how old the cat. 

Agria specialise in pet insurance, they don't do anything else and like us they like to do things a little differently.


Once you adopt a rescue from us you don't need to do a thing, we activate the insurance and you're covered. Most insurance companies have a maximum age limit, this can be a problem with older cats. Agria is different. If you wish to continue on from the FREE 5 week period of cover Agria will offer to insure your cat no matter how old it is.  


We don't sell insurance it's up to you the adopter to make the right decision for you based on your situation, we just want to make sure your new pet is insured from the start.