Responsible Rehoming

As a responsible cat rehoming and welfare charity, the health and well being of our cats is our primary concern and we want to give them the best start in their new homes. 


Except in certain circumstances all our domestic cats will routinely have the following when adopted:


Veterinary Checks

A thorough physical examination by our veterinary surgeons and any advised treatments carried out– irrespective of the cost.


Fully vaccinated (both primary and booster) against key feline diseases: feline panleucopenia, feline enteritis & feline leukaemia. 

Parasitic treatments

Routinely treated against fleas and worms using the treatments most suitable and effective for each individual cat.



We will contact the relevant microchip company and transfer ownership details (although some owners prefer the microchip to remain in the charities name.) 


All adult cats are neutered prior to adoption. Where kittens are considered to young for neutering a voucher will be issued to cover the cost of neutering, this is only available at our preferred veterinary practices. We do reserve the right to check that neutering has been carried out and kittens not neutered can be removed. 

Free Insurance

Insurance is a an important part of pet ownership and as such we provide 5 weeks FREE pet insurance on the day of adoption, ensuring your new pet is covered immediately for injury (from day 1) or illness (from day 8) up to £1500. You have the option to continue the insurance with lifetime cover, even for cats aged over 10 years – a unique benefit of our Charity Cover. We strongly recommend everyone continues insurance cover before the free period ends, as time and again it has proven to be invaluable when unexpected accidents and illnesses occur.