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Cats available for adoption

Before you consider adopting a cat, please take a moment to visit our Responsible pet ownership page.

Once you've decided you'd like to proceed and adopt from us our Adoption Process page will explain how the process works.

We try to keep the process simple and straightforward. Details of cats available for adoption are listed below. 

We do have cats regularly admitted and some will get adopted before being advertised. 

For more information, or to register your interest in adopting these or other cats in our care, 

please call us on 07504 129955 or complete the contact form below


Missy 7yrs old female is a timid little girl, but the sweetest cat. She isn't a lap cat, in fact her favourite place is looking down on you from the wardrobe. When she does come out she enjoys a head rub and happily sleeps on the bed at night. She definitely needs a quieter home, and is used to living with a gentle dog.


Ishe Approx 4yrs old she is a nervous but friendly girl. She adores attention, loves a cuddle and has such a fabulous purr. Quiet home only for this snuggle bug.


Arthur 7 ½ yrs old old. Due to a change in circumstances Arthurs owners could no longer care for him. Its fair to say Arthur is a cat with cattitude. He likes nothing more than sitting around waiting for his next meal to arrive, he can be a little grumpy, but its all for show, he actually likes nothing more than having his ears and cheeks rubbed. Having Arthur in your life would be like having your very own living and breathing Garfield.


Ivy Approx 6 yrs old loves attention, especially being stroked on her head just before she has her food. Loving, but playful and not a lap cat.



David. 2yr old. Having only 3 legs doesn't stop this lovely chap from enjoying life. He's very affectionate and loves company. As he is so social he would suit a home where someone is home alot. At times he can struggle to get down from furniture, so would be better suited to life indoors or a secure outdoor space.



Murphy 10 months old. Murphy is just too adorable, everyones friend he just adores attention. Being 10 months old, he's past the destructive young kitten stage and his personality is really beginning to shine through. As he doesn't get on with other cats, he needs to be the only cat, but with a cat like Murphy you only need the one.



Guinness. Approx 2yr old male. How could you not love this beautiful face? Well apparently someone didn't, as its beleived he was abandoned. How anyone could abandon this poor boy is beyond us, he is so gentle. He is a little nervous which is possibly because of his days on the streets but you really couldn't meet a sweeter cat. He would be better suited to a quieter home without young children


We estimate that Kipling is approx 4yrs old. Kipling is the sweetest boy, but he is complicated and needs an owner who really understands cat behaviour. Kipling enjoys human company, and would be best suited in a quieter home where someone is home alot of the time. He was found as a stray, and has an old injury to his front paw, possibly as a result of a trauma, this has left him with a permanent limp. But he's still able to get along very well, especially if its food time, although he doesn't jump up onto furniture, so would need steps. When he first came to us he had a real fear of hands, and will still very occasionally swipe, but this is only out of fear if he is startled or a little unsure. In a new enviroment he wil get confused and not use his litter tray, this can be resolved given time and patience, but it would beneficial if he was in a room with hard floors initially. Because of his special requirements, Kipling will be on an assisted adoptionand any potential adopters will need to visit him regularly at the rescue before offering him a home. This boy has obviously had a hard time and now deserves the very best in life with someone who will love him unconditionally.


Boots Approx 4 years old male. Boots is a little nervous at first but once he gets to know you he loves human attention. He enjoys head & chin rubs and is quite happy to sit on your lap in the evening binge watching the latest shows on tv.

Sooty Morony 2

Sooty 9 yrs old female. This (not quite so little) lady is still with her current owners, who absolutely adore her. But the family are moving to abroad and don't feel it would be right to put Sooty through the upheaval involved in moving to a new country. Sooty prefers her own space, usually the bed... and as you can probably tell from the photo she also loves her food. She enjoys going outside, on a nice sunny day, but isn't out for very long. As long as she has her own space she would be happy in a home with another older male cat, but no dogs or young children... as Sooty doesn't like either. Another great cat who just wants a nice quiet life, (and a comfy bed).



Nala is an 8 month old bundle of joy. An affectionate and sweet girl who likes to curl up on your lap for a snooze & a cuddles. Like most youngsters she also enjoys playing, but be warned she loves to climb. Totally adorable !!


Cookie, a 6 ½ yrs old old gorgeous, gentle, but shy boy. He loves playing with his teaser and is a very good footballer. He enjoys sitting by the window and watching the birds and squirrels in the garden. Enjoys a lap (especially when there's a heated throw on it). He is nervous to start with but once he gets to know you, he is just an absolutely loving, boy.

Feral Cats - looking for exciting new career opportunities

We are regularly asked to trap & neuter feral cats, but they can't always be returned to the same location, so we are always looking for suitable rural locations for these natural born pest controllers.

Although these cats are feral, they still require food, water & shelter to be provided.

Please get in touch if you are feel you can provide a "safe & happy hunting ground" for one of these hunters. 

For more information about any cat, 
please fill in the form below.

Thanks for making an enquiry. We aim to respond within 2 working days.Please don't forget to check your spam folder for our response

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