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Cats available for adoption

Before you consider adopting a cat, please take a moment to visit our Responsible pet ownership page.

Once you've decided you'd like to proceed and adopt from us our Adoption Process page will explain how the process works.

We try to keep the process simple and straightforward. Details of cats available for adoption are listed below. 

We do have cats regularly admitted and some will get adopted before being advertised. 

For more information, or to register your interest in adopting these or other cats in our care, 

please call us on 07504 129955 or complete the contact form below

Simba & Stormzy.jpg

Ted & Stormzy 4yrs old brothers. A bonded pair of tabby boys, Stormzy (white bib & paws) is the most affectionate cat. He loves a belly scratch and is communicative and enjoys human company. Ted is a little more shy, but he enjoys head scratches and sitting for cuddles once he knows you. He's braver in the evening, but during the day is comfortable snoozing on the sofa. They like to play together and Ted relies on his older brother for reassurance. They enjoy human company so would suit a home where someone is around a lot of the time. A home with teenagers as opposed to young children would be ok


Shiloh 11 months old, this charming sweet boy was living in a multi cat household and found it a little bit overwhelming. He's a gentle boy, friendly and craves attention and has lots of energy. But he needs his own home without any other animals.

Billie 2.jpg
Billie 3.jpg

Billie 15months Billie is a very affectionate, extremely playful and lively young cat. She has been a fantastic Mum to her kittens and now deserves a home where she can remember being a kitten herself. She wants to explore everything, high and low, and will need to be taught what her new family think is acceptable behaviour. She is learning well in foster. Billie is very keen to get outside.


Guiness Guinness. Approx 2yr old male. How could you not love this beautiful face? Well apparently someone didn't, as its believed he was abandoned. How anyone could abandon this poor boy is beyond us, he is so gentle. He's a little nervous which is possibly because of his days on the streets, but you really couldn't meet a sweeter cat. As he's a little quiet, he would be better suited to a quieter home without young children

Simba haughey.jpg
Simba Haughey 2.jpg

Simba 4yrs old is an alpha male. He needs his own home and plenty of space to roam and to hunt. Although a little nervous of strangers initally, in a quiet home with love and patience he will flourish and be very loyal. No young children

Pixie 2.jpg

Pixie & Poppy 4yr old sisters. A fabulous pair of family loving cats. The photos really don't do these sisters justice. Abyssinian cross cats, Pixie is a long haired tortie and her sister Poppy is a beautiful short haired grey tabby. These beauties were much loved family pets. Being Orientals they are vocal and love to chat. They are sociable & loving, Pixie especially loves to be the centre of attention, whereas Poppy adores nothing more than having a snuggle in a bed. They are not used to roads so need a safe garden, they are used to wearing a harness so will happily be walked.

Pav 1_edited.jpg

Pavarotti 4 yrs old (Approx) If you think you would enjoy a chatty, chirpy ginger boy living in your home this is the boy for you. Although be warned he's called Pavarotti for a reason, he loves to sing and chat. He's very playful, his favourite toy is his yellow ball which he happily plays fetch with. He also loves to sleep on your bed, almost on top of your head. He is such a lovely character full of fun and love.

Mickey 2.jpg

Mickey 12 yrs old like most 12 yr old cats, Mickey loves nothing more than snoozing away the hours. He's nervous around young children and doens't enjoy busy family life, preferring instead a nice quiet life. He likes being outdoors in a nice sunny spot.


Sadly, these 3 beauties came to us after their owner very sadly passed away. Lucy 7yrs, is mum to Teddy & Molly (both 5yrs old). As a family they get along really well and do actually enjoy each others company, nuzzling and allo grooming. It would be a shame to split this little family up as they really are quite well bonded, so we are trying to rehome them together as a family unit. They are very chilled and easy cats to love. If you're looking for a ready made cat family this is it.


Berty 5yrs old is a sister to Molly & Teddy but isn't happy living with them and would be much better living by herself. She's nervous around the other cats and really needs a home of her own, so she can settle and not worry about sharing.

Poppy & Gizmo.jpg
Poppy & Gizmo 2.jpg

11 month old Brother & Sister Pebbles (Tabby) & Gizmo (Ginger) do not need to be rehomed together

Oscar 2.jpg

Oscar 18 month old Bengal what a stunner this boy is. But beware he is a Bengal and needs a very specific home with owners who understand the breed. Bengals are renowned for being vocal, so ear plugs are recommended. They are also energetic so need alot of space in either a rural location or a large secure garden. Oscar loves people, but isn't very fond of other cats, but with a cat like Oscar, one is definitely enough.

Apollo & Zeus.jpg
Apollo & Zeus 3.jpg

6 month old Brothers Apollo & Zeus are both incredibly friendly and loving kittens who are comfortable around young children and other pets. As soon as you walk in the room theu both purr and run to greet you with excitement. They both love tickles & belly rubs. They enjhoy each others company so ideally they would be rehomed together. Zeus is very chatty and confident. wheras Apollo is slightly more reserved until he gets to know you.

Evie 2.jpg

Evie 8yrs old is friendly, but like alot of cats, on her terms. She would suit a home where cat behaviour is understood and to be the only cat, with no dogs. Either a couple or a family without young children. She likes her head, chin & ears scratched and tolerates strokes down her back, but woe betide you touch her back legs or her feet. She does however love to snuggle your feet in bed and often sleeps on her fosterers chest. She likes feathery toys to play hunt with and is a catnip fiend. She goes mad for Dreamies.

Feral Cats - looking for exciting new career opportunities

We are regularly asked to trap & neuter feral cats, but they can't always be returned to the same location, so we are always looking for suitable rural locations for these natural born pest controllers.

Although these cats are feral, they still require food, water & shelter to be provided.

Please get in touch if you are feel you can provide a "safe & happy hunting ground" for one of these hunters. 

For more information about any cat, 
please fill in the form below.

Thanks for making an enquiry. We aim to respond within 2 working days.Please don't forget to check your spam folder for our response

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