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Before you consider adopting a cat or kitten, please take a moment to visit our Responsible pet ownership page.

Once you've decided you'd like to proceed and adopt from us, our Adoption Process page will explain how the process works.

We try to keep the process simple and straightforward. Details of cats available for adoption are listed below. 

We do have cats regularly admitted and some will get adopted before being advertised. 

For more information, or to register your interest in adopting these or other cats in our care, 

please call us on 07504 129955 or complete the contact form below


We kittens of varying ages ready for their new homes, all with have different personalities. Some would be suitable to be rehomed on their own, other would benefit fomr being adopted as a pair. Please call or send an enquiry from providing as much information as possible to help us identify the right kitten for you.


Guiness. 2yr old male. How could you not love this beautiful face? Well apparently someone didn't, as its believed he was abandoned. How anyone could abandon this poor boy is beyond us, he is so gentle. He's a little nervous which is possibly because of his days on the streets, but you really couldn't meet a sweeter cat. As he's a little quiet, he would be better suited to a quieter home without young children


Bramwell was found in a garden, in Frome. We estimate he's about 6yrs old. He has obviously been previously owned, but was nervous and just wanted attention. He's a sweet boy, but needs time to get to know new people. He loves a lap and would be better suited in a quieter home without young children.

Duchess 2.jpg

Duchess 5yrs old. This little lady deserves a quiet home. She came from a busy houshold and really just didn't cope well living in the hustle & bustle of a busy family life. She is just the sweetest cat, unassuming, friendly, moggy, who would make a lovely companion for a quieter person, an older couple or single person.

Evie takes a bath.jpg

Evie 8yrs old is friendly, but like a lot of cats, on her terms. She would suit a quieter home, where she can reign supreme. She can live with dogs and older children. She likes her head, chin & ears scratched and tolerates strokes down her back, but woe betide you touch her back legs or her feet. She does however love to snuggle your feet in bed and often sleeps on her fosterers chest. She likes feathery toys to play hunt with and is a catnip fiend. She goes mad for Dreamies.

Feral Cats - looking for exciting new career opportunities

We are regularly asked to trap & neuter feral cats, but they can't always be returned to the same location, so we are always looking for suitable rural locations for these natural born pest controllers.

Although these cats are feral, they still require food, water & shelter to be provided.

Please get in touch if you are feel you can provide a "safe & happy hunting ground" for one of these hunters. 

For more information about any cat, 
please fill in the form below.

Thanks for making an enquiry. We aim to respond within 2 working days.Please don't forget to check your spam folder for our response

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