Some photos from our Family fun day held in May

Over 250 visitors attended our 2nd Open Day in May. A huge thank you to everyone who helped make the day such a success. In particular, the following organisations Hidden Woods, Old Mill group, Happiness Beauty Rooms, The Bee Depott, The Purky Enclave and our local PCSO's. Our loyal team of volunteers who baked such delicious cakes and everyone who helped on the day and with setting up and taking everything down. But most important to all the visitors who came along and gave so generously, without them the day wouldn't have been such a success, we really appreciate their continued support in what we do.  

Extracted from our Winter 2019 newsletter


Christmas Past……………….In starting to write this newsletter I thought I would take a look back at last January and saw that in 2017 we had 90 cats pass through our rescue, 58 of which were adopted. 2018 certainly surpassed those figures, in total we helped 155 cats, of those 124 were adopted and 48 of those were kittens; not bad for a small rescue less than 3 years old. Judging by the fact we’ve had 15 cats in so far, I’m sure this year will be as busy as ever. It’s difficult to believe that this time last year we were busy dismantling some second-hand pens that we’d purchased ready for them to be moved across to us. In April they were finally ready for use and they’ve been at full capacity for most of the year.


Christmas present………………….We were lucky to have a few cats rehomed just before Christmas so we took advantage of the quiet time between Christmas and New Year to have a spruce up. The heavy old climbing frames that came with the pens and proved useful have now thankfully been discarded and new shelves and ramps have been installed, making perfect viewing platforms for our residents to watch their favourite TV channel, BirdFeeders UK; all the woodwork has been sanded, treated and oiled and the floors in the pens have had a shiny new coat of antibacterial paint, I’d like to put down some new paving in the corridor, the concrete really suffered in the summer heat, once that’s done it will be all “spick and span” as the delightful Mary Poppins would say and we’ll be ready for the new influx.


Christmas future……………………The plan for this year, whilst obviously continuing to help as many cats as we can, is to raise money and plan our future development. We could continue as we are, but as some of you will know, my vision is to have here, at Rectory Cottage a rescue centre. I would like a proper reception/office, an assessment area for the cats, utility & storage and of course more pens. And also a nice cat café/lounge where prospective new “servants” can be introduced to their new feline “bosses”. But this all takes money and unfortunately planning.  So a lot of my time this year will involve meetings with the council planning office, sorting out a planning application, building regulations, red tape etc etc.

If anyone knows of a cat loving architect who isn’t going to charge us an arm and a leg to draw up some plans for this next stage in our development please get in touch.